Q. What is a concierge service?
A concierge service is a service designed to offer busy individuals and families assistance in managing their daily tasks, “the to do list”. Our services help to improve our clients personal and professional lives by shifting their focus to the things they need or would prefer to be doing.
Q. Who is a concierge?
A person or business committed to providing the utmost in personal and professional services.  Our staff has extensive experience to detail and uses creative ideas to deliver.
Q. Why hire a concierge?
The lack of time in today’s lifestyle is the major reason. Many families are dual income or a single parent.  Both of these scenarios make it very challenging to have excess time to complete the everyday tasks that can be extremely time consuming.
Q. What range of services are offered by Key Concierge?
Key Concierge offers a vast array of services designed to meet your personal needs.  We offer Professional Concierge and VIP Personal Assistant services that can save you and your clients time and money.  Our services are designed and ideal for private individuals, families and corporate companies. We offer services that deliver to our clients and members superior customer experiences. Leaving our clients time to focus on what matters most to them, and leave the daily mundane tasks to us.
Q. Who should hire Key Concierge?
If you are looking to save time, this is for you.  We assist you with fantastic customer attention and offer a one stop resource to finding services and  information for all your needs.  Our services are customized to our clients requests, with a wide variety of programs.
YOU can benefit from our services! Why should I use Key Concierge?
We are here to meet your needs.
We are looking to establish a lasting rapport with our Customers.
We value your business and cater to your needs.
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